34th America's Cup Plymouth LogoThe organisers of the America’s Cup are leaving Plymouth delighted. Thousands of tourists and locals flooded onto the Plymouth Hoe during the 10-18th September to witness this epic sailing event. Live entertainment at “the base” entertained large crowds and local businesses from pubs, B & B’s, Hotel, Shops and more recieved a much welcomed boost in trade.

Many locals now have a taste for the fast paced sailing provided by the America’s Cup and would love to see it return!

“Of course we want to come back to Plymouth,” America’s Cup boss Richard Worth said at the end of the nine-day sailing extravaganza.

“The city has exceeded our expectations in terms of the way it has been organised, the number of visitors and the quality of the racing. We have had a great welcome and people have taken real pleasure in the event. There is no reason why you wouldn’t say, ‘Plymouth was great, let’s go back’.

“But in the end it comes down to the nasty business of money.”

He said that “more than a handful” of Plymouth people had asked him, “How do we make this come back to the city?”

“The answer is, Plymouth would need to find millions of pounds – but the return on that would be many times more. What it costs us to stage the event runs into the millions. If we are going to break even we’re going to need to find a way to create a commercial model that generates millions. We could ask the council to pay up, or work with local businesses.”

Plymouth University is to carry out a study of the economic benefit to the city. Mr Worth said: “It would be a surprise if it was not £10million or more. It has clearly driven up visitor numbers and there are a lot of benefits to the city.

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