National Marine AquariumA 10ft / 3m long shark was spotted by Andrew Wells last night (15th April 2012) near the National Marine Aquarium harbour waters.

Copied from this post on the Barbican Waterfront Facebook Page:
Andrew Wells I have just stood and watched a basking shark at least 10ft long feeding next to the aquarium . Approx 10ft from the rocks . Stunning.
Barbican Waterfront Any photos Andrew? 🙂
Andrew Wells No sorry i didnt have my camera or phone . I thought is was a seal at first as it was mostly submerged but then as it basked saw a large fin prominent on the surface . The Lock bridge was in operation and it didn’t startle it all .

On Twitter @CAWSW posted: @PlymBarbican @DrDaveNMA @NMAPlymouth Interesting. My friend from Switzerland & I convinced we saw one near foreshore yesterday…

Aftering a bit of searching I found a photo of a shark captured on the Barbican in the 1950s!.

If anyone has any more sightings or can get a photo of this shark or even the seal who is a regular visitor to the harbour please let me know! Please comment below or email :).

I’ll forward all information to Dr Dave Gibson from the National Marine Aquarium who is keen to hear about more sightings.