Happy BirthdayWe’ve reached our 2nd birthday! 🙂 … technically, we did around mid February, but I’ve only had time to write this piece after a hectic start to 2013.

The Plymouth Barbican Waterfront team and I would like to thank everyone who has and continues to support the work that we do.

We enjoy meeting members of the community and helping to spread the word about the Plymouth Barbican to tourists and locals alike.

The Barbican Waterfront is a fantastic place to visit with lots of things to see and do including some top events. It is Plymouth’s waterfront gem and continues to grow.

Barbican Waterfront – Year 2

During 2012 our team members grew and the website expanded to include a number of featured articles including a guide to sailing to the Plymouth Barbican (Morvargh Sailing), Plymouth Barbican Hauntings, A fishing trip with Plymouth Boat Trips (Wendy Evans) and a recent article looking at the The House That Jack Built: Shopping Arcade by Lizzy Evans of Funky Poppy.

A special mention to Kristen Kruse who runs 45 Southside art gallery for her work in providing Barbican Art Gallery news.

We also rolled out a number of competitions. A big thank you to Rose of the Plymouth Gin Distillery, Chris Robinson and Josh of the National Marine Aquarium for providing competition prizes 🙂

We attended more events in 2012 with lead photographer Mike Pitches and photographers Leigh Acton & Steve Dudfield taking some amazing shots. A selection of these can be seen in our Barbican Waterfront Gallery. These guys work well as a team and also multitask well taking photos one minute and the next on their phones uploading to Facebook & Twitter during live events to help spread the word of what people are missing!

I also got my hands on a number of blue hi vis vests with the Barbican Waterfront logo on to help people identify who we are. This is idea for businesses who have ok’ed us to take photos during large events and it also spreads the word about this website to people out and about on the Barbican :). If you spot us during events feel free to say hi, we don’t bite :).

Online presence wise I’ve aimed to feature highly for barbican related searches and doing very well here. Again the main aim is to highlight the Barbican and directing people to this site is not a bad starting point ;).

Speaking of online… A mention to Visit Plymouth who’s website during 2012 has seen an overall and the council are investing money into online once again, which is a good thing for Plymouth. Large numbers of people are online and growing especially with smart phone numbers growing. We need to shout out more online and grab their attention. Get them to come to Plymouth and of course, the Barbican :).

What’s coming in 2013? Watch this space… 😉 we will be covering more events and expanding our news with the help of recent addition to the team Lizzy and looking to introduce more help to expand our volunteer team. We’ve also been approached about a possible sponsorship deal and as for what else?

The team and I are all looking forward to 2013 to continue to bring you the best of the Plymouth Barbican area 🙂

Finally if you have any suggestions or ideas about the website please let me know scott@barbicanwaterfront.com. I’m always seeking to make improves and value any feedback recieved :).

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