Happy Birthday Plymouth Barbican WaterfrontIn mid February the Plymouth Barbican Waterfront website reached the 3 year mark!

Happy Birthday to the website and the volunteers who make up the Barbican Waterfront Volunteer Media team! 🙂

Our team is made up of a band of enthusiastic and passionate volunteers who help the local Plymouth Barbican community. We have a range of skills from social media reporting, photography, writing and graphic design which we use during our volunteering roles to help support the local community, businesses and events.

Not only do we enjoy showcasing the Plymouth Barbican on the www.barbicanwaterfront.com website and linked social media,  we enjoy meeting the people in the community, the locals and traders on a regular basis 🙂

barbican waterfront photographer emily clark traders

Barbican Waterfront photographer Emily speaking with Local Traders

We enjoy finding new ways to help support local businesses and help showcase the Plymouth Barbican to tourists and locals alike.

My team and I would also like to thank everyone who has helped support us and continue to do as we race into year 4!

Special mentions for their support and providing competition prizes in our 3rd year to everyone in the Association of Barbican Businesses & The National Marine Aquarium. Also Ben Shearn, Norman Holmes, John Cabello, Kirsten Kruse, Lizzy Evans, Rose Macinnes, Chris Unwin, James Tanner, Chris Robinson, Sarah’O’Leary, Jamie Yabsley, Matthew Barraud and Dave for rib boat access.

Barbican Waterfront Team – Year 3

A lot has happened in our 3rd year. Here are a few highlights :).

We expanded our team with new photographer and graphic designer Emily Clark. Emily we’ve nickname “tough Cookie”. She is determine and always seeks to give 100%. During a rocky ride on-board Plymouth’s Tall Ship (thank you to Matt of the Morvargh Sailing Project for the ride) due to windy weather whilst taking photos during the British Fireworks Championship, although extremely sea sick and with my requests to down camera, Emily continued to take some stunning shots in-between her bouts of seasickness.

Leigh Acton who also hopped aboard Plymouth’s Tall Ship the previous day faced his first true test of his sea legs. He now prefers to stay on dry land and away from the water :).

Photographer Megan Johnson has recently joined our team having moved down to the Plymouth area. She has a unique style and is passionate about her photography.

Each member of the team is skilled in different areas and we’ve seen knowledge further shared between ourselves to the point our photographers are all experienced with social media. This helps a lot with on the site reporting during events.

One of our recent examples of this was during the powerful storms of Dec 2013 / Jan 2014. Team members Photographer Mike Pitches & Social Media Reporter Hannah Gow and I provided live coverage of the storms via social media (Facebook and Twitter) to highlight what was happening.

The main reason for doing this was in to response of people ‘thinking’ the Barbican was about to be flooded. After seeing messages everywhere, including from traders worried about if they should go down and sandbag their businesses we decided to show what was really happening. I.e. no flooding! Using the power of social media. See example here.

The main reason for the Barbican remaining high and dry was down to the trusty Sutton Harbour lock gates, which always sees off any high seas :).

Over the course of the storms Mike Pitches and Hannah Gow both of whom travel through or work on the Barbican happened to be in the right place at the right time to capture the events unfold. The Barbican sea wall took a batterning, but it held firm. Even the Barbican Prawn got in on the action!

After the storms we set about highlighting businesses which were open and overall we helped play our part in reassure locals and others that the Barbican was #OpenForBusiness and undamaged from the storms :).

eddystone media team at the drake foundation awards

The Barbican Waterfront Volunteer Media Team: (left to right) Steve Dudfield, Hannah Gow, Mike Pitches, Emily Clark, Wendy Evans

Our team were nominated for the ‘spirit of community’ award and attended the Drake Foundation Awards event  although we did not win the award (we were happy to just have been nominated!) we were inspired to hear about the Drake Foundation and it’s work in the community.

On Barbican events during the year we continued to cover all the popular events on the Barbican with the Plymouth Pirate Weekend being one of our favourites. We were also officially recognised by the Classic Boat Rally 2013 and the Plymouth Mega Ride 2013 (on the Plymouth Hoe) who we offered extended support marketing online and on the ground in providing coverage and encouraging people to come to the Barbican/Hoe to see the events. Our logo appeared on our first banner and in the information books handed out during the Classic Boat Rally.

Two of our photographers Leigh Acton and Mike Pitches were asked to become official Plymouth Half Marathon 2013 photographers having been recognised for the work they do with the Barbican Waterfront team :).

Thanks to John from Parade Antiques we opened a small office on the Barbican during 2013, as part of my freelance company Eddystone Media. I now have a desk apart from my kitchen side at home to work on! The office is not in full time use, but is a welcomed base for us to charge our phones, cameras e.t.c during events.

Wendy Evans continued to write some excellent articles including being published in the popular tourist magazine “Day’s Out SouthWest” with a 5 page feature about Plymouth’s waterfront and highlighted for her gripping coverage of the Resurgam game.

Music coverage on the Barbican had increased in our 3rd year with Emily Clark & Mike Pitches appearing regularly in the Barbican Live Lounge, Cider Press, Black Jacks and recently attending the Blues Bar and Grill for their Sunday acoustic nights. Mike Pitches is our Lead Photographer and loves diving into crowds to capture the moment on camera and sees it as a good way to mix a good night out with his passion for photography!

I’ll stop here or you’ll probably switch off! :), but needless to say we’ve expanded, grown and sharpened our skills to help keep pushing out the message that the Barbican is one of THE places to visit anytime you are down in Plymouth!

Check out our news archive to see some of the stories we’ve been covering… 

And keep an eye on our social media for the latest from the Plymouth Barbican:

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