I love the Barbican Campaign 2015 - Barbican Traders Barbican Prawn compressed

Group of Barbican traders launching the I love the Barbican Campaign

EVENT: July 4th 2015 – The Association of Barbican Businesses has been running a campaign to encourage people to express why they love Plymouth’s Historic Barbican. The campaign is to promote the unique, independent waterside quarter of Plymouth and to showcase to the world some of the high end products available in the Barbican through a competition with a grand prize worth in excess of £250.

The “I love the Barbican because…” competition has proved a great success with hundreds of entries individually telling their own Barbican story. One lucky winner is in store for a treasure trove of all things Barbican, everything from gin to buttons, afternoon teas to noodles, all prizes have been donated by Barbican businesses. The competition is still open so for your chance to win go to www.barbicanwaterfront.com or post on facebook.

The campaign has even received celebrity endorsement with an entry from Olympic swimming star Sharon Davies and with “I Love the Barbican because” selfies popping up all over social media, including Professor Iain Stewarts and a high speed RNLI shot on board their RIB. They all love the Barbican!

Chairman and long standing ‘lover of all things Barbican, Benjamin Shearn said “residents and visitors to Plymouth love the Barbican with its history, food offer, pubs and retail shopping, it’s the ‘must visit’ destination for family and friends in Plymouth and consistently top of online reviews for places to visit in Plymouth, we all love the Barbican.”

Barbican Independents Day on 4th July will be a day to celebrate your Barbican and will be a great day to experience for yourself the warm welcome the Barbican offers.

Sutton Harbour are also joining in the celebrations hosting a 4th July American Independence Day with Pilgrim 400 David Saunders and a host of special guests performing on Quay Square. For full details please visit the website here

So come and join in “why do you love the Barbican?”

Photos of the prizes, selfies and more can be found here: http://www.barbicanwaterfront.com/barbican-independents-day-4th-july-2015-win-treasure-trove-barbican-prizes/

** NOTE: Due to popular demand the competition to win a treasure trove of Barbican prizes has been extended! More details on this soon with new closing date to follow (update to appear here soon).