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Launched February 2011, the www.barbicanwaterfront.com website is a new information guide & events news portal to the historic picturesque Plymouth Barbican. The website aim is to help encourage tourists and locals alike to visit the Barbican more frequently by displaying free listings of all the many number of pubs, clubs, restaurants, shops, accommodation, attractions and publishing information on key events and news stories related to the Barbican.

The website is independently run by Scott Grenney who has a passion for the Plymouth Barbican area. Together with support from members of the local Barbican community, Plymouth area and members of the general public.

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Our 1st Birthday – About the site and a look back at the year
The Plymouth Barbican Waterfront Website is now 2 years old!
Plymouth Barbican Waterfront Website now 3 years old!

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The Volunteer Media Team (2012 – Jan 5th 2015)

Over a three year period a volunteer media team, coordinated by Scott Grenney saw a band of talented photographers, writers and social media reporters brought together to help cover various events across the Barbican & the Hoe Waterfront. The team also took part in a number of community related projects to help showcase the Barbican and Hoe Waterfront areas.

The team disbanded on January 5th 2015.

Scott Grenney, volunteer team coordinator had this to say: Volunteering for the Barbican Waterfront Volunteer Media team allowed team members to showcase the Barbican/Hoe and their own work, helping to build their portfolios, share skills and learn new techniques. This also led to a number of opportunities for each member as a result along with some great exposure with some having work printed in magazines, gaining press coverage via news paper, radio and even on the BBC, being hired by businesses and agencies to take photos and so on.

It’s been a great journey and I’m proud with what the team and individuals have gone on to accomplish.

Everyone dedicated a lot of free time as volunteers and you’ll be hard pressed to find another talented and skilled group of individuals in another group.

This leaves me to finally say a big thank you to all the volunteers. It’s been an honour working with them all as memebers of the team.

Past Volunteer Media Team Members:

scott grenney barbican waterfront website
Scott Grenney
Website Owner
Editor / Content / Social Media
About Scott
Aimee Dewar
Aimee Dwar
Social Media Reporter / Blogger
Blog Link
Mike Pitches
About Mike’s Photography
Steve Dudfield
Leigh Acton

Kamila Bielawska Barbican Waterfront Team
Kamila Bielawska

Social Media Reporter
lizzy evans barbican waterfront team
Lizzy Evans

Barbican Shops Reporter
Barbican Shop Owner
Hannah Gow Plymouth Barbican WaterfrontHannah Gow
Social Media Reporter
About Hannah
emily clark
Emily Clark

Graphics Designer / Photographer
Megan Johnson
Megan Johnson

Barbican Waterfront team member jason kiely
Jason Kiely

Plymouth Barbican Waterfront - Wendy EvansWendy Evans