A fishing trip with Plymouth Boat Trips

Fishing Trip - lee waits for his pressie!What do you give the man in your life for his birthday, when it’s all been done before? I had spent a lot of time trying to work out what to get him; shopping for one’s man is never an easy task! The socks, smellies and chocolates route had been done to the max. He didn’t need clothes, power tools or anything else; so what could I do?

Some suggested sending him off fishing for an afternoon, then it hit me, why not do it together? So here we were, enjoying a cup of coffee at the boat house café waiting for the nod from our skipper to give us the go ahead to get on the boat. We set off at one, and the weather, for an October day, was glorious! I was glad of my jacket, as it can get a bit windy out on the water, but the sun shining down on us made it feel like a summer’s day.

Plymouth Fishing Trips - rodsThe trip is suitable for all ages and those with or without fishing experience; our party consisted of my boyfriend and I, a lovely pensioner with a few tales to tell, a few tourists from Greece and a lively group of students from Plymouth University, so all human life was there!

Soon we were in deep waters, and Karl, our lovely skipper, showed us how to use the fishing rods. All equipment was provided, so no need to go out spending cash on fishing gear! For those who are seasoned sea dogs, you are more than welcome to bring your own gear if that is what you would be more comfortable with.

Within a minute, the fish had bitten! Karl expertly removed the fish from the lines and put them in cold storage so they would be fresh when we arrived back to shore. He even gave us a lesson in gutting a fish!

Plymouth Fishing Trips - view from boatI have to admit, I was a bit green-gilled and had a spell of queasiness on board. Those waves can be rather choppy, and I seem to have forgotten to pack my sea legs! Karl had seen it all before though, and it soon wore off. I think maybe next time (I will definitely go again) I will take some travel sickness tablets beforehand just to be on the safe side! It certainly did not affect my enjoyment of the trip, and even though I’m not what you would call “the fishing type”, my advice, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! It was a very relaxing, enjoyable afternoon.

And the best bit? You get to keep your catch! Mackerel, Scad, Pollock and Whiting were all caught that day, and luckily for me by boyfriend is an avid fisher who has no problem with gutting his catch. For those who don’t fancy gutting their tea, when you arrive back on dry land, you can treat yourself to “cook your catch” – for an extra fee, you can relax in the boathouse café and its experienced staff will prepare and serve your haul to you, which you can enjoy with a nice glass of wine whilst regaling your fellow diners with your “it was THIS big!” tales.
Happy fishing!

Article by Wendy Evans

Plymouth Barbican Waterfront - Wendy EvansOriginally from Bristol, Wendy moved to Plymouth six years ago to work with a local Solicitors firm as a Legal Secretary. A yearning to explore her more creative side lead to her returning to full time study, and she is now in her third year at Plymouth University as a mature student studying English and Creative writing. She loves Plymouth and now considers it “home”. Currently living in West Park, Wendy enjoys spending her leisure time at the Barbican and feels it important to promote the area.

“To me, the Barbican is a real treasure and something for the area to be proud of. But there are so many gems there that people haven’t discovered for themselves, and I would love to see more people delve into what the Barbican has to offer. My advice – get down to the Barbican and you may be surprised by what you find!”