Gallery: Plymouth Barbican – The Olympic Torch Relay

Here is a selection of photographs and videos taken during the Olympic Torch Relay which raced through Plymouth on the 19th May 2012. A special thanks to Mike Pitches & Leigh Acton who on behalf of the Barbican Waterfront website dived into the crowds to take a series of galleries (see below) :).

Mike Pitches Photography

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Photos by Leigh Acton

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Annabel’s Cabaret & Discotheque

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Photos & Video

Video: The moment the Olympic Torchbearer headed over to the historic Mayflower Steps

annbels plymouth barbican olympic torchbearers may 2012

Olympic torchbearers standing outside Annabel's Cabaret & Discotheque

plymouth barbican southside st olympic torch may 2012

Outside The Flower Cafe on the Barbican Southside Street by owner Shelly

plymouth barbican olympic end of southside street

Crowds waiting at the end of Southside Street

plymouth barbican olympic mayflower steps

Crowds lined up near the Mayflower Steps