Welcome to The House That Jack Built – Barbican, Plymouth

The House That Jack Built - Front

The House That Jack Built main entrance via Southside Street. Just across the road from the Plymouth Gin Distillery

The House That Jack Built – That stays the same but is forever changing! – Written by Lizzy Evans, owner of Funky Poppy (updated Nov 2015 by Scott Grenney and Helen Woolley).

This is a little introduction to the interesting world we work in down in the House That Jack Built.

Now I am not going to say I am an expert on this amazing place as I have only had my Button shop Funky Poppy here for 3 years, but I have seen a few things since being here.

The House That Jack Built – History

The House That Jack Built 2016It has a lovely feeling about the building of being stuck in time, the narrow little corridors leading to one central point of water fountains, witches and gnomes rotating on poles. It is a memory which a lot people from Plymouth will have, feeling very small in a big wonderland of corridors, fairies and elves. I often hear people walking past the shop saying things like “it seemed much bigger when I was a kid” and “I used to Love this place”. Well the great thing is Kids do still love this place, it is a wonderful arcade with a wonderful history.

The Nash Family owned the building and it was a family run Fruit and veg wholesalers until in 1980, with inspiration from Jacks many trips to Cornwall and in particularly the Sloop Craft Market in St Ives the Warehouse was transformed. Over 2 years the building took shape and opened its doors in May 1982 as The House That Jack Built. Over the years slight changes have been made but as a whole the Arcade that Jack built has stayed the same.

Today it has a wonderful mix of Artists, Crafters, Jewellers, Retailers and our very own resident Tarot card reader.

The Barbican Traders

A Little Bit of Vintage Jasmine Rose Vintage Peardrops Jewellery
Pinnacle Arts Rockpool Trading W J Foster Antiques

The little units within the Arcade make it the perfect place for small businesses to trade and grow. The longest standing trader that has been within the House That Jack Built is Anne who runs Peardrops.

Rockpool Trading www.rockpooltrading.co.uk
01752 603545
Gifts and homeware all of which are handcrafted from designers and makers from Devon & Cornwall.
Funky Poppy www.funkypoppy.com
01752 261837
Button boutique selling button jewellery, gifts and clothing.
Jasmine Rose www.facebook.com/Jasmine-Rose-Vintage-1529440033940322/
07878 074245
Vintage Clothes, accessories and homeware.
Pinnacle Arts www.facebook.com/PinnacleArtsandCrafts/
07713 180721
Photography, gifts, accessories, jewellery and cards
Peardrops www.peardropsjewellery.co.uk
07825 829054
Jewellery, accessories and bags
A Little Bit of Vintage www.facebook.com/aliitlebitofvintageplymouth/
07870 927783
Vintage crockery and accessories for hire or purchase.
Top Secret Magic www.topsecretmagic.co.uk
01752 262756
Maybe the World’s Smallest Magic shop! Including cards, coins, mentalism, stage, books, DVD’s and much, much more!
Fosters Antiques 01752 267109
Antique dealer, specialising in etchings, engravings, woodcuts, books and pre-1720 porcelain.
Leap of Faith Tarot 07403538348
Clairvoyant readings and shop selling crystals, dreamcatchers and alternative gifts.

Close Community

There are a few more lovely shops to visit in the House That Jack Built but before I do I would like to try to explain why this arcade is so special. The People! That’s exactly what makes this place special. There is such a fantastic mix of people who have units within the Arcade, and each and everyone one of us is most definitely slightly mad! Well we have to be to work in such a unique place! But although we are all slightly mad we are all very supportive of each other and we work together in a fantastic community. It is pretty tough out there at the moment for us small independent retailers so for me it is very special to have a support group right next door.

We also have our very own resident Tarot Card reader who has an overwhelming amount of experience and history in her trade. One of my favourite stories from Dales past was when she took over the spot on Brighton Pier and resided there for over 8 years with people queuing up to see her. And we can quite believe it as Dale comes highly recommend in the Tarot reading world.

Lizzy Evans Funky Poppy, Barbican, Plymouth

Lizzy Evans aka ‘The Button Lady’ owner of Funky Poppy

I will now just say a little about my little button shop. Funky Poppy has been in the arcade for almost 3 years. Anything Buttons is pretty much what you will find in my shop, and also the buttons themselves. You will be amazed at what you can do with buttons and you can see lots of different ideas here in Funky Poppy. www.funkypoppy.com

I am not going to say too much more about the House That Jack Built as I think you have probably heard enough but I will end with this poem which was written by Dale Jackson our resident Tarot Reader which sums up all we have here in the House That Jack Built.

Ode for Christmas 2012

Buttons and beads, coins and medals,
Gold and silver, flowers and petals,
Cards and bags, cushions and flags,
Pictures and art on canvas and glass,
Shabby chic for a bit of class,
Buntins to decorate interior rooms,
Dove cotes next door to roses and blooms,
From a Secret Garden, to brighten your day,
And so many ear-rings, what can I say.

There’s been so much rain and no chance of a sun tan,
Put a smile on your face with a ‘Celia Duncan’
Lovely pictures all bright and jolly,
Or go to the back and discover a ‘Folley’.
Portraits and horses as big as a wall,
You won’t find these in the big city mall.

Scarves and bags all bling
Now where can you find such a beautiful thing?
Go to Southside street whenever you can
There’s a shopping arcade, in the Barbican.
Shop all day with no sign of guilt,
‘Cos its all going on in the House That Jack Built.

There’s Funky Poppy, you’ll be amazed
At the wonderful buttons, some wooden some glazed.
There are scarves and necklaces at Peardrops too,
Felt flowers and bangles all new.
And The Barbican Jewellers have the most beautiful things,
Pendants and brooches and bracelets and rings.
There’s Frankly Linen at the back
Making buntins and cushions for Milly and Jack.
There’s Atlantis Bags all glam and glitter,
With Skyscraper shoes and diamante slippers.

So bring your friends to this part of town,
It’ll put on a smile and get rid of a frown.
You can look on the cards if you feel optimistic
And consult Dale the resident mystic.
Especially when times have been hard,
You might change your luck with the turn of a card.

By the dragon fountain and wishing well,
Love to you all, and especially Adele
For our little shops, and the good will we’ve built
In the shopping arcade called The House That Jack Built.
Happy Christmas and good luck for the coming year.
A toast to us all, Good Health and Good Cheer!

Dale Jackson 2012


The House That Jack Built – 10 Southside St, Plymouth, Devon PL1 2LA www.housejackbuilt.co.uk