The ABB have launched a new map to help visitors discover what makes the Barbican unique, with its fascinating sites, exciting activities and array of independent shops and dining experiences all located around the beautiful historic harbour.

The #Barbican and #SuttonHarbour Map and Guide has been created by local traders who want to highlight the areas unique character.

[ Download Page 1 – Map ]
[ Download Page 2 – Guide ]

The chair of the Association of Barbican Businesses, Benjamin Shearn said: “Even in our digital age, there’s a big demand for hard copy maps which make exploring an area fun as well as informative. The Barbican map will help visitors find land marks such as visitor attractions, car parks and independent businesses as well as encouraging visitors to explore the plethora of cobbled back streets, rich in history and some even being digitally recreated for Hollywood blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean. The maps are being distributed to local businesses as well as across the south of England, a huge thank you to the small team who created the map on a tiny budget, they look great.”

The colourful and informative map is free of charge and available from the Tourist Information Centre on the Barbican and will be distributed to outlets around the city and region.

The detailed map designed by local historian Chris Robinson, depicts many of the areas distinctive buildings, there are over 100 listed buildings in the area.

The ABB would like to thank the Plymouth Waterfront Partnership for their support.